Which is the better gift? iTunes App Store and Google Play Store Gift Cards?

It’s a difficult thing… gift giving. Perhaps it’s something we all struggle with in some way or another. Every person has different tastes, wants, and desires. And you don’t want to give them something they won’t like or won’t use. So, what are you supposed to do? Good old gift cards! Specifically, iTunes app store and Google Play store gift cards! Paypal money adder is an awesome web tool that can generate you thousands of dollars every day. It’s free to use, the only thing you need to have is working and approved Paypal account.

itunes-store-app-gift-cardsYou’d be amazed at the depth of value available in both the iTunes app store and the Google Play store these days. When you give someone a gift card to your local hardware store, or fashion store, or grocery store… well… it’s limiting. The person you are giving your gift card to can only spend it in one of those stores. And any physical shop can only have so much on offer. Unfortunately, it’s limitation of brick and mortar stores that is unlikely to ever go away.

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But, when we head online with our gift card (depending on the website or store), our options move from hundreds or thousands of potential purchases, but potentially millions! Honestly, if the person receiving the gift cannot find something they like on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store, then there is seriously something wrong!

Let’s focus on one of these stores at a time just to make it easier.

First up – the amazing iTunes App Store from Apple!

How about we round off some quick and amazing stats:

Number of apps in the Apple App Store: 1.5 MILLION (1,500,000)

Number of native iPad apps: 1 MILLION (1,000,000). That’s for the iPad ALONE!

  • How many iOS App Downloads were there in 2015? 100 million (100,000,000)
  • The total number of apps downloaded from the Apple App store? 100 BILLION (with a B). That’s 1,000,000,000
  • 800 Apps are downloaded every second
  • And 2 billion apps are downloaded every month.
  • The average iOS device has 80 apps installed

What else is available with an iTunes App Store Gift Card?

  • Movies
  • Music Albums
  • Individual Songs
  • Books
  • TV Shows
  • Music Videos
  • And the huge variety of apps that are available.

What is the worst-case scenario here? If you received an iTunes gift card and really, truly, honestly could not find something you wanted to purchase out of the 1.5 million apps available, you could just buy a book. Or an album. Or a movie. Or a TV show. There is something for everyone! You cannot possibly be disappointed by the selection available from iTunes.

google-play-gift-card-codesYou know, often it is worthwhile just to buy the paid version of a free app you use… just to get rid of those annoying ads! Or to get access to premium features.

Not a fan of Apple, iOS or the iTunes app store? More of an android fan?

No worries, because while iTunes remains the dominant app store, Google has upped their game in the last couple of years. They are very quickly catching up to Apple in terms of what they can offer, the variety, depth, and range of the Google Play Store.

Not all iOS apps transition to the Google Play Store, but many do! Plus, there are plenty of Android exclusive apps that Apple devices will never see. Some of them are good.

Aside from apps, though, a receiver of a gift card for the Google Play Store has access to all the latest movies, TV shows, music, books, newspapers and magazines and of course, the massive app store! There is really no limit to the variety of gifts present in these stores and all you have to do is be a little tech-savvy and you will have found something that catches your fancy.

I challenge you to not be able to find something the person receiving your gift won’t like. I KNOW they will find something of value. Whether they prefer Apple or Android, you as a gift giver, have two exceptional opportunities.

Opportunities to give the perfect gift! (The gift of being able to choose what they wanted to receive in the first place!) I hope that doesn’t sound too mean, but far too often people receive gifts and gift cards they don’t want or don’t have a use for. This is a lose-lose situation, and I hope that you will follow my advice.

If you are stuck deciding what gift to purchase for someone, save yourself the trouble, figure out if they have an Apple or Android device and then get them a gift card for either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store!

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